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Wheat or Champagne, Which Heywood Wakefield finish do I need?


Many pieces of Heywood Wakefield furniture will be stamped with the color.

Look under tables, chairs, on back panels, etc for a stamped color.

Sometimes only one piece will be stamped, so be sure to check them all.

If this fails to produce the color, you will need to match it up to samples.

There are many versions of the two finishes. Below you will find what I feel

to be the most popular versions of Heywood Wakefield Wheat and Champagne.

By that, I mean these samples are indicative of the colors I see come through

our shop more than any other versions.


You may find your Champagne piece is more pink than these samples,

or your Wheat more orange. The fact is, many of the original colors don't

match one another. Heywood's finishes were known to differ throughout the

years. Another factor is the aging process of the lacquer that was used in

the 40's and 50's. The early lacquers turned yellow/orange with age. This is

not so noticeable on a darker finish, but has a great effect on lighter finishes

such as wheat or champagne. For various reasons, many pieces have aged

differently. I have seen many Wheat pieces I thought were Champagne, and

visa versa. When we developed our stains, we chose to recreate the

most common color that we feel is most often found.



Below are examples of the most common original Champagne and Wheat finishes



          Restoration Studio Champagne Stain 




Restoration Studio Wheat Stain






            Original Champagne




     Original Wheat










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