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Primitive Painted Finishes

Small painted Cabinet Refinished in

our Primitive Painted Finish (Oatmeal) Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Oatmeal ID# 265





Our Primitive Painted finishes have the look of a painted  finish that was created

150 years ago. Not everyone appreciates a time worn painted finish, but

for those who do we have a full line of colors to choose from.



This small chest was selected specifically because of it's simplistic lines and style.

This finish is best suited for country primitive pieces with simple lines.

It looks amazing on country cupboards, hutches, chests, table bases,

Kitchen cabinets, etc. 


Small Chest in need of Refinishing  Small Chest Finished in our Primitive painted finish


This small oak & pine chest is finished with our more extreme aging process.

We can tailor the amount aging on our primitive finish to your individual taste,

and to the style of the piece.


Below: These finishes are applied so that they have what we call "Normal Wear".

This wear is around the feet, the knobs, and on the edges of doors and drawers;

anywhere the piece would have been normally rubbed, touched, or

experienced wear over a normal 150 year lifespan.






Below: This cabinet had an unfinished pine top. Most people would have just painted

the top, but we're not most people so we decided to veneer the top so that it would

have a little more personality and could be used

anywhere in the home.



Below: I had some very old pieces of Quatersawn English Oak veneer

I knew would be perfect for this project. Since this veneer is 60+ years old, it

already had a great aged patina.

I book matched two pieces that I would use for the top.




Below:  The newly veneered top with it's "old" Quatersawn English oak veneer

really makes this small cabinet a special one of a kind piece.





Custom Primitive Painted Finishing by The Restoration Studio LLC



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When traveling to our studio

is not a viable option, we

also offer an online

training program.


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Rodney Keyser


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Other Popular colors we

offer on our Exclusive

Primitive Painted finish:


Barn Red


 Church Red


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Black ID# 239


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Village Green ID# 284


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Moss ID# 261


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Cape Blue ID# 248


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Newport Blue ID# 264


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Needlepoint Navy ID# 263


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Cream ID# 251


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Oatmeal ID# 265


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Pewter Tankard ID# 268


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar Putty ID# 272


Furniture Finish Museum PaintedPoplar linen White ID# 260