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How To: Custom Color Matching

Strategies...refinishing an oak table

to match a walnut sample.



In this tutorial, Rod will show you how he refinished an oak parquet table to mimic walnut....and it's not just wiping on walnut stain. What would the fun be in that?


He'll show you a special technique to make the oak grain "pop", just like our walnut sample.

Coming in late January





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How To: Restore and Refinish

a Hoosier Cabinet


Hoosier Refinished by The Restoration Studio LLC


This Hoosier had severe water damage and was in need of total restoration and refinishing.


In this tutorial, Rod shows us step by step how to Restore both painted and stained Hoosier cabinets.



How To: Restoring a Lane Cedar Chest


How To Refinish A Lane Cedar Chest



This chest had severe veneer damage, and

Rod shows us how to repair it using filler and grain painting techniques. 


This touch up technique is used daily in our studio, and is a "must know" if you're doing any type of refinishing or repair project.



How To: Stripping a Dining Room Table

How To Strip A Dining Room Table

In this tutorial,

Rod shows us step by step how to make

stripping a Dining Room Table an easy

half hour job!


How To: Refinishing a Painted Armoire

How To Refinish An Armoire

In this tutorial,

We'll show you how to strip the paint and refinish

this armoire to a beautiful distressed medium

French walnut finish.


How To: Rocking Chair Refinishing &

 Seat Upholstery

How To Refinish A Rocking Chair

In This Tutorial, we refinish and upholster this old rocking chair. Extra focus is the upholstery aspect of

this job, which was done in real leather.


How To: Repairing and Refinishing a Heywood Wakefield Buffet

How To Refinish Heywood Wakefield Furniture

In this Tutorial, Rod teaches us how to

disassemble this vintage Heywood Wakefield 

M592 buffet and repair all the loose seams where

the glue has failed.  


He then takes us through the finishing process

and stains the buffet champagne.



How To: Lane Cedar Chest Lock Recall

How To Replace A Recalled Lane Cedar Chest Lock


Lane Cedar Chest Locks Were Recalled.  Here's a 

video on how to replace yours.

Did you know that in 1996, Lane recalled 12 million cedar chests with lids that automatically latch shut

when closed? At least 6 children are known to have suffocated, so it's very important to change this lock. They are free from Lane.

How To: Making a Mold & Casting New

Ball Turnings For a Bench leg

How To Repair A leg

In this Tutorial, Rodney shows us how he replaced

missing ball turnings on a small bench leg. He will

show you how to make a mold and a casting to

reproduce missing parts


You won't believe how he does this one! Everything

needed for this project was bought at the local craft store.

He'll show you step by step how you can do it too!



How To: Refinishing a Mahogany Buffet

How To Refinish A Mahogany Buffet

In this Tutorial, You'll learn how to bring a

Mahogany Buffet like this one back to life!

In this project, we'll show you how we replace worn and missing veneer on this buffet with easy to use

adhesive backed veneer. We'll also show you

some tricks on how to glue up loose veneer. Then

 we'll strip & refinish to give it wow factor!! 


How To: Refinishing a Secretary Desk

How To Refinish A Secretary Desk


Pick up some pointers on how to refinish a Mahogany secretary desk by watching this

step by step episode.


Learn how to disassemble, strip & refinish a

secretary desk. We'll show you how to deal with

the interior compartments to make this job

surprisingly easy!


 How To: Caning a Chair Seat

How To Cane A Chair Seat


Here's how we cane a chair seat using press

cane webbing.

It's not a very difficult job if you use the correct tools.

The hardest part of this caning process, is removing

the old cane and glue from the groove. But on

average this caning project should take you only

about one hour to complete from start to finish.

How to: Repair a Broken Heywood

Wakefield Chair Back...the right way


How To Repair a Broken Chair

Let me take you through the steps of how to repair

a broken chair the correct way. We won't be using

and screws or nails, so you can put them away :-)



How To: Refinish Shabby

Chic Style  


How To Refinish Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic Style Refinishing....

It's All The Rage


In this tutorial, I'll show you step by step how I took this well worn dresser and completely transformed it with a Custom Shabby Chic Style Finish.




How to: Refinish an Oak Rocking Chair

....Without Stripping.

How To Refinish Without Stripping

So, What are you do when you have a great piece of furniture that is in good condition, but just happens to be the wrong color?  Why not change the color?  This is a quick and easy job, if you know the right procedure.  After watching this step by step  tutorial....you'll be a color changing wizard .



How To: Repair Broken or Cracked




In this tutorial, Rod will show you how to repair a broken marble top. This Piece of marble was from a Victorian era dresser.


It would seem like a difficult job, right?  Actually,

if you know the proper technique it's not that hard at all. We'll show you how....

Coming in late January



How To: Clean and Polish Brass

Furniture Hardware and Ormolu.




Don't waste your money on brass polishes....here is

a cheaper, faster and more effective way to clean and polish Brass.


In this Tutorial, Rod will show you step by step

an amazing method to polish Brass. This is the method we use at The Restoration Studio.


Coming in February